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KFF Company has a rich history of bringing exceptional dining experiences to New York City.

Here is a timeline highlighting the opening of our various restaurants.


KFF Company opened its first bakery, Koryodang. This establishment marked the beginning of our journey, offering a delightful selection of Korean bakery to the people of New York.

Magic castle 

Magic Castle was founded in 1998, with its first store opening in Flushing, New York. From the beginning, the brand aimed to infuse a sense of joy and creativity into everyday life through its stationery and lifestyle products. Magic Castle quickly gained recognition for its distinctive style, incorporating playful patterns, vivid colors, and innovative designs into its merchandise.

Pocha 32 

Pocha 32 opened its doors for the first time on a second floor of k-town. The restaurant quickly gained attention for its unique concept of combining traditional street food with a contemporary twist.

Dons Bogam

Don's Bogam is a well-established Korean restaurant located in the heart of Manhattan, New York City. It has become renowned for its authentic Korean cuisine and warm hospitality, attracting both locals and visitors seeking a taste of Korea in the bustling metropolis.


The second Koryodang bakery in K-Town was designed to reflect the brand's unique charm and commitment to quality baked goods. Customers were treated to an array of freshly baked goods, ranging from traditional Korean pastries to international favorites with a unique twist. From fluffy breads and sweet pastries to savory delights, the bakery's menu catered to a diverse range of tastes and preferences.

Tous les Jours

Tous Les Jours is a popular bakery and cafe chain that originated in South Korea. Tous Les Jours in New York City quickly became a favorite spot for locals and tourists seeking a diverse range of bakery items. The menu offers a wide array of freshly baked bread, pastries, cakes, and desserts, all crafted with a commitment to quality and taste. From classic croissants and baguettes to Korean-inspired pastries and fusion creations, Tous Les Jours provides a unique blend of flavors and culinary traditions.

Food Gallery 32

Food Gallery 32 emerged as part of the vibrant culinary scene in Koreatown, which experienced significant growth and cultural influence over the years. The food court is situated in a multi-level space, providing visitors with a wide range of dining options in a casual and bustling environment.

Jongro BBQ

Jongro BBQ first opened its doors in New York City in 2012. The restaurant takes its name from Jongno, a historic district in Seoul, South Korea, known for its bustling food scene and vibrant atmosphere. With a vision to bring the essence of Korean barbecue to the heart of Manhattan, group kff established Jongro BBQ with a commitment to quality and tradition.

Jongro BBQ

As a welcomed addition to Flushing's culinary landscape, Second Restaurant Jongro BBQ offered a delightful dining experience for both locals and visitors. With its focus on Korean barbecue, the restaurant tantalized taste buds with sizzling and flavorful grilled meats, accompanied by a variety of traditional Korean dishes.

Nature Republic

Nature Republic is a South Korean beauty and skincare brand that offers a wide range of natural and eco-friendly products. The store's layout and design would likely showcase the brand's commitment to eco-friendliness, incorporating elements that reflect nature and the brand's values.

Hong Chun Cheon

Hong Chun Cheon Dak Galbi, a popular Korean dish originating from the city of Chuncheon, in Gangwon Province, South Korea, made its way to the bustling streets of New York City. With a deep appreciation for the rich history and flavors of Hong Chun Cheon Dak Galbi, our chef kang embarked on a journey to bring the authentic taste of this beloved dish to the cosmopolitan heart of New York City.

Machi Machi (K-Town)

Machi Machi is a Taiwanese bubble tea brand that has gained popularity worldwide for its unique and innovative beverages. Machi Machi's menu features a diverse selection of drinks, including signature milk teas, fruit teas, cheese teas, and specialty beverages. One of the brand's highlights is their exquisite cheese foam, a creamy and velvety topping that adds a unique twist to their drinks. Machi Machi aims to provide a delightful experience for bubble tea enthusiasts, combining bold flavors, textures, and visually appealing elements.

Machi Machi (Flushing)

The second Machi Machi store in Flushing was designed to reflect the brand's aesthetic and commitment to creating an inviting atmosphere. With its modern and trendy ambiance, the store provided a comfortable space where customers could relax, socialize, and enjoy their favorite Machi Machi drinks. The store's thoughtfully curated design elements and attention to detail contributed to a welcoming environment that enhanced the overall experience for patrons.

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